to promote the penetration of active ingredients

- The specialist in Anti-ageing injections since 1978
- The leader in mesotherapy with NCTF, polyrevitalising solution
- The only French laboratory with unique know-how: COMBINATION THERAPIES
- A fundamental principal: cell stimulation for improved skin texture

Treatment protocols developed for Filorga Professional combining techniques and treatments that come directly from aesthetic medicine and are adapted for use in the cabin.

An excellent form of mesotherapy with no needle.

The Cryolift method is the result of medical research, and achieves perfect symbiosis between the biostimulant effect of cryoplasty and the active ingredients applied to the skin.

The Cryolift by Filorga makes it possible to produce stabilised and constant electronic cold generation using a Peltier effect.

Cryotherapy is based on the principle of thermal shock (rapid lowering of the temperature) immediately followed by the transfer of cold to the deep layers of the skin

Three main actions :

- Controlled analgesia : the rapid inhibition of nerve conduction allowing a deep massage without discomfort for the client
- Dermocryophoresis : a rapid succession of vasoconstriction and vasodilatation of the microcirculation due to the thermal regulation of the dermis causes a pumping effect. This controlled vasomotricity permits the remarkable distribution of active ingredients applied to the skin.
- Cutaneous oxygenation : the activation of cutaneous microcirculation promotes better oxygenation of the cells, thus optimising their metabolism

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