Outliner ML 36

Outliner ML-36 chez Beauty Angels Monaco Institut de beauté à Monaco

Gently re-outlining the shapes.

A remodelling method of the silhouette: Sure, Efficient, Painless, Without surgery.

For whom is the ML Outliner made for?

For all the people who want to:

  • Loose some inches around the waist, around the hips, around the thighs and buttocks;
  • Improve the appearance of the skin on infiltrated areas;
  • Firming up and re-harmonizing their silhouette;
  • Improving their veno-lymphatic return.

The ML Outliner will act in three ways:

  1. First of all an ultrasound beam will attack localized cellulite dimpling by hydrolysing the grease they contain;
  2. At the same time a stimulation current shapes your silhouette through intense and repeated but effortless muscular contractions;
  3. Finally an associated drainage current stimulates the venous and lymphatic circulation, drains the toxins accumulated in the cellulite dimpling and efficiently fights against heavy legs.

A sure, efficient, painless method. Treatment of all the infiltrated areas at the same time.

One clothing size down* (*an average noted on a panel of 20 treated cases).

What are the effects noted?

1st action: The ultrasounds attack the localized cellulite dimpling;

1st effect: From the first session, loss of volume in the treated area, improvement of the cutaneous aspect;

2nd action: The lypolytic current catabolizes the triglycerides;

2nd effect: Loss of volume firming up and re-harmonization of the targeted area;

3rd action: The veno-lymphatic current drains the metabolites;

3rd effect: Improvement of the trophic level of tissues through micro circular normalization;

What do you feel during the sessions?

The ML Outliner sessions are painless and non-invasive and do not last longer than 1 hour. The ultrasounds act through a phyto-reduction gel and you only feel mild warmth. As for the electro-simulation it should always be comfortable and your therapist will adjust its intensity according to your sensitivity.

The Press talks about it

TOP SANTE” #1 among the health magazines

For who?

All those who want to rapidly lose a few inches while toning up their muscles.

The Plus:

The ultrasounds allow a loss of inches from the first session

Top Santé # 211 April 2008

“MODES & TRAVAUX” - Nicole 58: “At my age I thought that nothing could rid me of my excess pounds. Yet as soon as my first session of ML 36 I lost 2 cm at the waistline and 1 cm around the thighs. Psychologically this has an enormous impact: I noted that I could always improve my silhouette. This motivated me to watch my diet. At the end of eight weeks, I had lost one clothing size.

Modes & Travaux – February 2008 – # 1287

CLOSER - After 5 sessions I was really surprized of the result. My stomach had visibly gone down. I can wear clothes that I could no longer get into; Even my raincoat closes better.

Minus 2 cm at the waistline and with no effort…it gives me the urge to continue!

Closer – December 2007 # 130. Your therapist is equipped with an Outliner ML 36 by Outliner Phoenix. He is there to listen to you and to advise you. He will propose a taking in charge adapted to your silhouette.

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