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Physical exercise without effort.

Well-Being without limits:

  • Rigorously tested;
  • Sure; Efficient;
  • At any age.

The appliance PROELLIXE™ VIBRATION transmits throughout the body a mechanical action that favours the activation of the metabolic processes and the increase of blood circulation in the tissues. It improves physical equilibrium without changing the heart rate over a short period of time.

PROELLIXE™ VIBRATION can be used by people of any age and varied physical conditions: young people in good shape as well as older people, without previous physical preparation.

The appliance has several indications according to the frequency of the vibrations used. We can apply low frequencies to obtain relaxation and an anti-stress effect whereas at high frequencies the effect is the opposite.

PROELLIXE™ VIBRATION is used as a complement to the following treatments:

  • Slimming; diets;
  • Anti-cellulite treatments;
  • Muscular tone up and draining to struggle against natural slackening, after dieting,
  • before and after surgical operations of liposuction;
  • Well-being and anti-stress actions to maintain one’s physical fitness;
  • Recovery after a bone fracture or a prolonged bed rest;
  • Re-education;
  • Postural therapy.

Users need a period of adaptation to the vibrations.

A therapy used since the ancient Greeks for the physical preparation of Olympic athletes.

The space agencies (NASA) use it for a quick physical recovery of their astronauts.

According to your treatment, your expert practitioner will draw up a personalized action programme for you.