The balance between the production and the elimination of greases is a process naturally ensured by the slimness cells (the adipocytes), in spite of a perfectly healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity. It often happens that the grease storage process amplifies excessive volume and cellulite then appears.


This patented slimming technique allows reactivating the reduction of the stocks of greases (lipolysis) to remove excess weight and local imperfections.

The mechanical stimulation of the “LPG Rolls” sets off in-depth biological responses: reactivation of the release of greases and the production of collagen and elastin.

The results: a slimmed down silhouette, smoother and firmer skin, naturally!

Cellulite dimpling area reduced by 20% (between session 0 and 16); + 50% elimination of greases

REDUCING STOCKS OF GREASES, RE-SCULPTING, FIRMING UP AND SMOOTHING – Your LIPOMODELAGE™ programme – After a personalized evaluation of your silhouette and of your beauty objectives, your specialist will propose your personal programme of adapted care.

100% natural, this patented slimness technique is totally painless.

Target your beauty objective. Care for women and men.

LPG stimulates your beauty. The world leader for cell stimulation with the celluM6 has designed the lipomodelage for you: Re-sculpts the shapes, Smooths out cellulite dimpling, Firms up the contours

Reduces stocks of excess greases


 LPG Cellu M6©
 1 session
 12 sessions package


60 €
600 €